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Over the last few years, I have lived in various countries around the world. No matter where I was, I noticed myself practising yoga everywhere.

I meditated while hiking through the most beautiful mountains. I’ve taken my deepest and most conscious breaths while admiring the beauty of our mother earth. To my surprise, at a time, meditation doesn’t always mean closing your eyes & sitting cross-legged, so many times for me that was enjoying the views with eyes and heart wide open.

I expected to keep my body strong and flexible through physical yoga practice. It turned out to be much more than that.

I learned the greatest non-attachment lessons while leaving one country for another. However, I questioned - how can we remain connected while apart?

During these past years, these experiences, I became a certified yoga teacher. And I am very excited to lead you through your yoga practice. I am here for you regardless of where you are. I am happy to invite you to the community where we stay connected despite the demographics or circumstances. Wherever you go - your community and I are here.

Oh, and let’s meet for memorable mountain adventures every once in a while. How do you like that?

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